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Eric Heath wearing a tri-corn pirate hat with large ship on top facing Debra Hathaway, the creator of both hats

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Welcome to the fairytale world

Debra Hathaway
Eric Heath

Debra and Eric design, sculpt, paint, cast, carve, sew, and more.
They continually develop new skills
in order to fashion the unique and extraordinary.

You may purchase our products through this website
or see them in person at one of our 3 Renaissance Festival Shoppes.
Please visit us at the Ren Fests in Arizona, Texas (Scarborough), and Maryland!

Costume Accessories Catalog

Click on the photo to see more costume accessories built by Debra Hathaway and Eric Heath

Angel Wings,
Renaissance Headwear,
feather hats,
feather barrettes,
costume masks,
French hoods,
 bridal accessories,
and more.

Please click here to see more costume accessories!

For more about the Artists and team click here.

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