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Dragon Wings News from 2002

January 2002

The Goblin King, a commissioned piece, is completed and shipped to it anxious owner.

This one of a kind 24 inch doll was built at the request of the owner of a Labyrinth themed web site.

You can see more photos of him and read about our custom built likenesses and marionettes for performers at:

Custom Liknesses Page


Debra sculpts an open-mouthed dog likeness and the results are really spectacular - see the actual dog and likeness here

Our 8 inch tall monkey marionette is a very funny character with mouth that opens and closes.

Debra sculpts a small monkey marionette
with moveable mouth.
 We call him "The Ankle-biter"

He's about 8 inches tall and costs $85

you can see him at Monkey

February 2002

Lots of custom Mardi Gras mask orders

The Arizona Renaissance Festival opens
in Apache Junction

March 2002

Debra designs two new styles of Feather Fans

April 2002

Our Dragon Wings booth at Scarborough Faire
in Waxahachie, Texas opens on Sat. April 13
and runs through Sun. June 2

Debra will be in attendance for the first two weekends

  Huge Black Angel Wings
new photos posted
to huge wings page,
modeled by Jason

Jason Keller wearing our huge black feather angel wings

May 2002

Debra and Eric created two new marionettes
for the Children's Festival at the Arts Academy
in Easton, MD

Princess marionette for future Dragon Wings production of Puss in Boots

Emerson, a 24 inch marionette puppet that "moon walks" among other things

Debra performed with this ditsy princess.

Eric worked Emerson, the Miller's son,  
he has 17 strings and uses a "fish" style controller

Colonial American Otter marionette puppet We completed and shipped
two custom ordered Otter marionettes
 wearing colonial outfits
to Delaware puppeteer
Robert Ryan
Female otter in colonial costuming
Eric Gets a Haircut - Photos of the carnage at EricsHaircut.html
June 2002

Eric and Debra at the Colorado Renaissance Festival
 June 22 until the festival ends on July 28

Debra sculpted and built a new Bear doll/marionette - this one's dressed as a scotsman

Debra's newest creature design is a Bear (pictured at left as a Scot in Kilt) with mouth agape and a little bit of his tongue sticking out. 

At right is the Frog Queen which will be available
for the first time at the Colorado Ren Fest.

Our first ever Queen Frog doll will be available for sale at the Colorado Renaissance Festival

June 2 Scarborough Faire, in Waxahachie, TX ends,
on Saturday, June 8 the Colorado Renaissance Festival begins
July 2002

Released in July, the August issue of Esquire magazine

interviewed Eric about his definition of
what it feels like to have Tourette's Syndrome

August 2002


Photo of our Skeleton Marionette puppet with 22 resin pieces, we call him Mr. Bones

The Maryland Renaissance Festival  opened on August 24

Pictured at right our new skeleton marionette takes a little stroll near the information booth
 on Labor Day.

It took over 8 months to sculpt all of Mr. Bone's parts.
 He's available as a performer's marionette
with 19 strings and a "fish" style controller,
or with 9 strings to an airplane controller.
 Strung either way he has wonderful movement and a moveable jaw.

September 2002

Debra Hathaway's Got the World on a String

Washington Post Newspaper Article
by Nicole M. Miller

Thursday, September 12, 2002 

Style Section, Arts Beat Column

October 2002

The Maryland Renaissance Festival  

ended on October 20

Things with Wings and Strings

September 6 through October 19

Marionettes by Debra Hathaway and Eric Heath
an exhibit at the Academy Art Museum
Children's Creative World Gallery

Easton, Maryland

To see more about the exhibit click here.

November 2002

Our museum exhibit at the Academy Art Museum

was EXTENDED through November 16

December 2002

First Night Talbot

Our first marionette stage was built to be portable, it's dimensions are 6 feet high, 4 feet wide and about 18 inches deep.

Debra and Eric's first ever
marionette performance
and the debut of our
portable Marionette Theater
December 31, 2002

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