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Dragon Wings News from 2003

January 2003

New Bear Doll and Marionette Photos

Debra's new Bear sculpture
was first on sale at the 2002
Colorado Renaissance Festival.

If you'd like to go to the page
all about him, click here. 

Jester Polar Bear

Pirate Bear Doll with an eye patch

February 2003

TLC's While You Were Out Television Show

We provided them with 4 marionettes 
(Knight, Dragon, Fairy, and Unicorn)
 as prizes for an episode in which
they redecorate a child's room.

To see more about the Puppets we sent click here.

The episode aired
Friday, February 21st, 2003 at 9:00 p.m. EST

Our Store at 
The Arizona Renaissance Festival
opened on Feb 1

The front of our shoppe was completely rebuilt!
To see what it looks like now, please visit our
About the Arizona Festival page, click here.

March 2003

Debra completed several likeness marionettes

She also sculpted
new bare feet especially for fairies
No longer forced to wear boots, our fairys now go barefoot!

This is one of two marionette likenesses made to surprise two great guys in AZ

Fairy likeness marionette built by Debra Hathaway in March of 2003

You might have seen this marionette working near the front gate at the Arizona Renaissance Festival 2003

The Arizona Renaissance Festival ended on Sunday March 23rd
Thanks to our team of John, Stacy Bob, and Sarah Jo for a great season!

April 2003

Scarborough Faire opened April 12th
in Waxahachie, TX

Debra's Feather Hats sold like crazy!

May 2003

Appeared at Children's Fest in Easton, MD

Saturday May 10
Eric and Debra made their 3rd appearance at the Academy Art Museum's annual
Children's Art Festival
where they walked marionettes 
and spoke with children about the art of puppetry.

On May 3 and 4 Debra and Eric brought their Fairy Marionettes
 to the
Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farms near Glen Rock, PA

Our new "whistler" fairy marionette at Spoutwood Farm's Fairie Festival

Debra's latest version of a gothic fairy marionette

This smirking fairy was sculpted by Debra in April of 2003

June - Aug 2003

The Colorado Ren Fest

Saturday June 14 was the opening of the Colorado Renaissance Festival
it ran on weekends through Sunday August 3rd
Aug - Oct 2003

Appeared at the Maryland Ren Fest

Eric and Debra were at the Maryland Renaissance Festival
on weekends from Saturday August 23 through Sunday October 19
Queen Anne Boleyn (Mary Ann Jung) of the Maryland Renaissance Festival is greeted by Mr. Bones, the skeleton marionette puppet (click on the photo to see larger) At left, Queen Anne is greeted
with a bow from Mr. Bones

Dragon Wings' shoppe roof looks different
a gable was added, copper valleys installed and the entire roof has been reshaked
in a wave and flow style.

Photo of our cedar shake roof at the Maryland Ren Fest taken in April of 2003

Sept 2003

BOOK - Esquire Presents What it Feels Like

An interview with Eric Heath about What it Feels Like to have Tourette's Syndrome
was reprinted in this book from Three Rivers Press.
Sept 29, 2003


Eric was described as "the Tourette's man" in Fast Chat,
an interview with What it Feels Like editor A. J. Jacobs
Nov 2003

More New Website Pages

We introduced an FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions page
and a Site Map onto our website and also posted some photos
from the 2003 Maryland Renaissance Festival 
Dec 2003

New Website Pages

Eric created web pages honoring the memory of his Mother and Father,
Lorraine Heath (1930-1990) and  Randy Heath (1931-2001)

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