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Feb 2005

The Arizona Renaissance Festival  ran
9 weekends this year from Feb 5th until April 3!

Eric took digital photographs the first weekend, you can see some of them here.

Mark Reed, Fool of Fool Hearty, and Eric Heath, Fool of Dragon Wings, at the Arizona Renaissance Festival.

Mar 2005

Bloggers find our Costume Accessories for your Bosom page and the hit counters go wild!

Our BosomBuddies2005.htm page gets 78,493 hits in one day - over 168,000 for the month.  We are being forced to move our website to a higher hosting level to avoid thousands of dollars in bandwidth overage fees. It's exciting, but scary, as no sales or inquiries have yet resulted from this onslaught.

(August of 2007 we had to remove the Bosom Buddies page
because it was considered Adult Content by Google and was causing "Safe Searchers" to miss our site)

Chester Valley Community Mediation Center, Chestertown, MD

Debra and Eric both complete 50+ hour training course in Community Mediation

Apr 2005

Blogs from all over the world continue to feature photos of our bosom buddies and titmice.  

On the first day of April we used up 25% of our monthly allotted bandwidth.  Eric was forced to rename the bosom buddies page in an attempt to block the hits until he can move the site to the new server.  We reduced the size of all the pictures of our helping hands and titmice - if you would like to see larger photos we would gladly email them to you.

Mid Shore Mediation Center, Easton, MD

Eric and Debra became stakeholders in a new community service for the residents of Caroline, Dorchester, and Talbot Counties in MD.  Both are volunteer mediators and Eric is serving on the Board of Directors.
Debra sculpted a new Pig doll or marionette puppet.


The pig doll's detail includes tiny eye lashes.
May 2005

Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX.  Weekends from April 9 to May 30

Debra took digital photographs during her visit - to see them click here.
June 2005

The Colorado Ren Fest from June 11 to July 30

Debra and Eric's daughter, Liv Hathaway, graduated from High School.
July 2005

Eric and Debra each visited the Colorado Renaissance Festival.

We plan on posting digital photos that we shot soon, please check back or email us to remind Eric to build the page.
Unicorn marionette puppet was sculpted by Debra in July of 2005 Debra unveils her newly redesigned Unicorn and Pegasus Marionettes.


Aug 2005

The Maryland Renaissance Faire runs
weekends from Aug 27 through Oct 23

Much work was done preparing for the opening of MD, our favorite Renaissance Festival.
We've rebuilt our entrance ramp enhancing accessibility to our Shoppe, and be sure to check out the new banners that Debra and Liv made for our Axe Throw game!

Thurs, Aug 18 - Eric was interviewed by Bud Poliquin of the Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper about his involvement with the creation of the Syracuse University Orange mascot (back in 1982).

Friday, Aug 19 - Debra gave an interview with the Washington Times on about being longtime crafters at the Maryland Ren Fest.

Sunday, Aug 21 - The Syracuse Post-Standard article is published, titled "Peel away the fur and Otto has feelings, you know" by Bud Poliquin. 
He called Eric, "The Victor Frankenstein of the Syracuse mascot.  The mad designer of the bright, bulbous orb.  The bizarre brains behind the fake fruit."

Wednesday, August 24 - we filmed a TV program for broadcast on public tv.


Sunday, August 28 - the film crew shot additional footage at the Maryland Ren Fest

Eric Heath, marionette maker, dancing a pig puppet on the roof of his booth at the Maryland Ren Fest 2005
Sept 2005

Debra Sculpted a new Bunny head, inspired by the March Hare in Alice and Wonderland

The March Hare, a rabbit doll or marionette puppet recently sculpted by artist Debra Hathaway
Pirate Weekend at the Maryland Renaissance Faire was a complete riot. 
Thousands of patrons and participants shelved their traditional renaissance dress and came bedecked from head to toe in black costumes and tall leather boots. There were lady pirates, scraggily looking pirates and pyrate dandies everywhere.

Marionette maker Eric Heath and face painter Bruce ran into each other near the joust and found they had both had the same idea for a new pirate hat! Bruce built his own (it was very light), Debra built Eric's, and Eric sewed huge buttons from underneath the hat to the little brads that held the rigging of the wooden model (it weighed a couple pounds).

That's King Henry VIII (second from left, or fourth from left if you have good eye sight) seeming to be sneezing in the background

Oct 2005

Arts Marketplace, Easton, MD

Dragon Wings' dolls and marionettes are displayed


The Maryland Renaissance Faire continued on weekends through Oct 23
Eric built a page posting digital photos that he took during the festival at: MDRenFestPhotos2005.htm  Photo below is from Aerial Angels performance in the Queen's Path right in front of Dragon Wings' storefront (that's our roof in the background of the photo).  They were a hanging around the festival this year

A member of the Aerial Angels hanging around the 2005 Maryland Renaissance Festival site

Nov 2005

We posted new photos of our Super Large Feather Angel Wings on our website

Modeled by our good friend, Leah
- Thanks Leah!

Slightly different than our usual teardrop shape, Debra built this pair with "fingers" of feathers hanging downwards

Nov/Dec 2005

Maryland Life Magazine featured our business
as representing Talbot County, Maryland
in their Holiday Gift Guide.

They printed a photo of our Frog Prince and Frog Princess Dolls
Nov 2005/Jan 06

The Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art
in Salisbury, Maryland had five of our marionette puppets hanging in an exhibit of DelMarVa Crafts from November 2005 until January 8, 2006.

On display were an Organ Grinder's Monkey, a jester Llama, a dapper Dog, a Dragon, and a Duck.
Dec 2005

The Museum of Rural Life in Denton, MD

Dragon Wings participated in the museum's first Christmas Craft show

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