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2010 News and Events

Jan  2010

 NEW PRODUCT: Strapless Bodice Wings!

Our new Small and Medium size bodice wings are strap free!  The loop of wire tucks down inside your clothing or costume to give you a strap free white feather angel wing experience.  Especially great for photographers.
Our new line of bodice wings utilize a loop of wire to appear as if the wings are sprouting from the back.
No straps!


Feb - Mar  2010

 Dragon Wings Shoppe at
the Arizona Ren Fest

Weekends February 6 through March 28, 2010

In 2009 we bid fond farewell
to our old Dragon Wings booth
We opened the 2010 AZ Renaissance Festival
in our spacious newly remodeled booth #208

 We're on the path leading to the Joust Arena
directly across from the "Rialto Stage"
and next to the Joust Kitchens.


March  21, 2010

A full page newspaper article
in the Easton, Star Democrat
about our online Angel Wings business

Making Wings newspaper article in the Easton Star Democrat on March 21, 2010

Newspaper article about local feather wing makers Debra Hathaway and Eric Heath of Dragon Wings LLC

Apr - May  2010

Dragon Wings Shoppe at
Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival,
near Dallas/Ft. Worth in Texas

Weekends - April 10 through May 31, 2010
April 24,  2010

Giant Mermaid Puppet "Sirena" 3rd Debut Parade

Easton, MD's 300 Anniversary Parade

Sirena, a giant mermaid puppet makes her debut at Easton Maryland's 300th Birthday parade April 24, 2010

Photo by Peter Zukoski.  Saturday April 24, 2010.  First Night Talbot's 12 foot plus tall Mermaid puppet, "Sirena", accompanied by a flotilla of fish, jellyfish, and an octopus had a successful maiden voyage in Easton, Maryland's 300th Anniversary Parade .  These revelers were group19 of the 80+ that participated!  Beginning  at Idlewild Park the parade swam through the five corners intersection (scene of photo above) and flowed down Harrison Street to the delight of young and old alike.

Here's a link to a wonderful video by Cecile Davis and Floofie films,
which has portions of Easton's 300th Birthday Parade:


June 29, 2010

Marionette Puppet Performance in
Prince George's County Library
- Hyattsville Brach

Debra and Eric took their portable marionette puppet stage
to the Hyattsville branch of the Prince George's Library
to perform The Three Billy Goats Gruff

PG Library:

Hyattsville Branch Tuesday, June 29 11:00 am
July 31, 2010

Marionette Puppet Performance at
St. Michaels Maritime Museum
Chesapeake Folk Festival

Debra and Eric exhibited their puppets and portable marionette stage
at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Folk Festival
They performed The Three Billy Goats Gruff twice
and also gave a showing of The Teddy Bears Picnic

Maritime Museum:

St. Michaels, MD Saturday, July 31 10 am to 5 pm
Aug to Oct,  2010

Dragon Wings Shoppe open at
the Maryland Renaissance Festival

Weekends August 28 through October 24
Sept  2010

Dragon Wings introduces a new hat design
at the MD Ren Fest, the Flora Dora

Flora Dora Hat pictured at the 2010 Maryland Renaissance Festival

The Flora Dora Hat (pictured above) was a new favorite item at Dragon Wings

Nov,  2010

Debra designed new Upright Wings
in Large, Super Large, and Huge (in photos below)

Huge Upright Feather Angel Wings are 5 feet tall

Photo of our Huge Upright Wings

Huge White Upraised Angel Costume Wings have wire through the backstrap into each wing, allowing them to be positionable as seen in this picture

Huge Angel Wings are 60"/5' high

Dec 31  2010

First Night Talbot Easton, Maryland


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