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Articles about Dragon Wings, emails, and more. . .

Doll Costuming Magazine, January 2004, Pages 64 to 66
Clowns, Jesters and Characters  
ARTIST PROFILE: A look at Debra Hathaway and Eric Heath
of Dragon Wings and the whimsical characters they create.

TLC's television program While You Were Out

first broadcast on February 21st, 2003 - there will be continuing reruns

Dragon Wings' Knight, Dragon, Unicorn, and Fairy marionettes
appeared as prizes on 
Episode 35:  Louisiana, Loveland Street

Washington Post Newspaper Article
by Nicole M. Miller

Thursday, September 12, 2002 

"Debra Hathaway's Got the World
on a String

Style Section, Arts Beat Column

Star Democrat Newspaper Article
by Tara Tobias

October 7, 2001

"On the Wings of Fantasy"

Photos by Chris Polk

"Children’s Festival at Academy to feature marionettes and more."

Star Democrat Newspaper Article by Pete Howell

May 11, 2001
to read the article click here.

Below are some of the kind letters and Emails we've received:


I bought a pair of medium white wings from you about 3 years ago. I just wanted to say that I still love them! I've worn them to conventions, renaissance festivals, for Halloween, and this year, to the office for Christmas. I've gotten so many compliments on them, and every time someone sees me dawning my wings it makes them smile. I never hesitate to tell them exactly where I bought them.

Your site has grown so much in the past few years! I will definitely be making more purchases from you in the future. =)

Have a wonderful and prosperous holiday season and thank you again for your high grade craftsmanship.

~Lindsey Zoldak, Duluth, MN 

"Hi, (this is) Jordan's Dad, 
Jordan has been wanting this Pegasus since we visited the fair earlier this year.  She had been very diligent and worked numerous odd jobs to earn the money.  She is very artistic and simply loved the art you have made. . .
I also very much appreciate your email back to Jordan. 
The personal touch is very nice in a world of faceless, big business goliaths. 
I think having met you she is able to place a face and memory with the pegasus." 
May of 2000

"Dear  Mrs. Hathaway,     
 Hi, this is Jordan, I had a great time at the Renaissance Fair. I watched and did a lot of things. My favorite show was the sword swallowing show. I thought it was very funny, but pretty disgusting.

I went to your booth and I saw a lot of winged animals like my small pegasus. This year I bought my third  puppet from you which is a red bird with a spring like the one in my small  pegasus puppet. Lately all it has been doing is getting admired and having small test flights.

I hope you are able to get you'r home and your studio established. I bet it is fun to design a studio. Good Luck!    

I noticed in your booth this year that you showed some of your Pet likeness puppets. I really liked them and I thought they were kind of funny.

i have also noticed that around the Renaissance Fair their are a whole lot of
things with Griffins [I think thats how you spell it] on them, and I was wondering if you have tried or you have made one?"
       February 2001

"I received the puss in boots marionette for my sister. . .
It is absolutely fabulous and definitely better than the one in Paris.
I am certain it will be a big hit on Christmas Day -- I can't wait to give it to her.  
Thanks for doing such a great job and getting it here on time."

Kathy 12/99

"Eric, you are so cool.   No wonder my smart sister married you!"
Linda from Massachusetts 12/99

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