Lorraine Darling Heath
Born September 24, 1930 - Died August 1, 1990

Lorraine Heath in a photo taken by her son, Eric, in 1978

Wife of H. Randall Heath,

Mother to Michael S. Kelley,

Mother to Lori Heath Sundberg,

Mother to Eric Randall Heath,

Foster Mother to Lynn Clark-Jones,

Sister of Braunda Darling Coutu,

mentor to many

Elaine Fairbanks Darling was Lorraine's Mother 

Roderick Darling was Lorraine's Father

Lona Fairbanks was Lorraine's Grandmother

Lorraine Heath was a gifted painter, this Maine lighthouse was one of her favorite subjects.

A Vermont lake scene painted by Lorraine Darling Heath

Lorraine was called "Bunny" Darling by family and friends where she grew up, in northern Vermont.  Early in life she lived in Indiana, worked as a nurse and was a talented artist and painter, the paintings above were completed in the early 1960's.

With the birth of her children Lorraine gave up nursing and started giving piano lessons in the family living room.  Over the next 30 years she guided hundreds of students through beginner, intermediate and advanced piano technique.  Her students ranged in age from pre-school to septuagenarians.

In 1969 she and her family moved to Hudson, New Hampshire
where she continued to teach piano and assisted in the operation
of her husband's business, Baggo.

We remember her fondly!

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