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Things with Wings and Strings

Marionettes by Debra Hathaway and Eric Heath
an exhibit at the Academy Art Museum
Children's Creative World Gallery
106 South Street, Easton, Maryland

The exhibit ran from September 6 through November 16, 2002
and featured over 40 Dolls and Marionettes

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eA new one-of-a-kind Clown Bear who juggles a ball - click to see a larger photo

Over 40 dolls and marionettes graced the Children's Creative World Gallery at the Arts Academy in Easton, MD

The Bear in a Clown Suit (above left) was inspired by illustrations in vintage children's books.
It is an example of a "trick" marionette and
passes the ball from one hand to the other.

Things with Wings and Strings, displayed in the Academy Art Museum's Children's Creative World Gallery, showcased over twenty five dolls and twenty marionettes created by artisans Debra Hathaway and Eric Heath.  Seasoned participants in the Maryland Renaissance Festival located in Crownsville, Hathaway and Heath create their one-of-a-kind marionettes out of their home studio in Easton, Maryland.

A white Knight marionette hangs near our dragon, click to see a larger photo

A close up photo of the knights face, click to see larger

This dragon marionette has eleven strings and leather wings, click on the photo to see larger.

Sir Knight in white has a moveable visor which exposes his handsome face.

The Dragon has eleven strings and leather wings which flap when he walks!

All marionettes are jointed and sculpted, carved and painted by hand.
Each doll is fully clothed in its own outfit, also made by hand.
 Princesses, fairies, frogs, skeletons, knights, pigs, gargoyles,
and fairytale favorite Puss N' Boots transformed the
Children's Creative World Gallery into a fairytale land. 

The Goblin King, from the private collection of Debra Hathaway and Eric Heath

Sir Didimus we made for our own private collection.

The Goblin King was commissioned by the owner of a website devoted to the character Jareth in the motion picture Labyrinth.

Debra enjoyed recreating Sir Didimus, another
 character from Labyrinth.  He seems to come to life
 with his expressive face and moveable jaw.

Debra Hathaway's first Organ Grinder's Monkey, replicas are available for $285 - click to see larger

Mrs. Boots in a pink dress

This Organ Grinder's Monkey was sculpted and built by Debra as a Christmas present for Eric in 2001.  Replicas are available through our website. Mrs. Boots
In the further adventures of Puss in Boots
we imagine he gets married. . .

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