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Face & Body Casting

Music & Instruments Photography & Fine Art Jewelry, Sculpture & More
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Ringling Clown College Graduates Maryland's Eastern Shore People
Puppet and Marionette Resources

Puppeteers of America

The Puppetry Home Page at Sagecraft
is the largest puppet and marionette resource website that we've come across.
 It has links to incredible puppeteers and marionette makers from all over the world.

The Ballard Institute & Museum of Puppetry website
has a wonderful collection of old articles about puppetry, marionette building, stage construction at:

Conrad Hartz Marionette and ventriloquist dummy carver (in wood), performer, and also active in education and workshops.  Beaufort, SC 


Sean Sorrell
Has an extensive website about puppetry located at:
He is also an experienced P
uppeteer and Marionette Maker

Professor Horn's Punch and Judy Theater
Maryland's Legendary Children's Entertainment

Tony Guida as Cardinal Sinnius Vice at the Maryland Renaissance Festival

Tony Guida (left),
portrays cardinal Sinnius Vice

Licensed to wed people, 
he performed Eric and Debra's wedding ceremony Sept 11, 1997

You can reach him at:

Lauren Muney

Wild West and Renaissance era performers featuring whip cracking, wise cracking,
and a variety of other special skills.

Johnny Fox
King of Swords
Sword Swallower Extraordinaire
and owner of New York's
Freakatorium museum.

Teatro di Pecorino
performance company,  mask construction, and training
Michele Schultz & Patrick Franz

The Muses: Tanya Brody & Matthew Gurnsey
Celtic Band (Duo) who play 10 instruments

Herbs, Oils, Bath and Body & more
Hill Woman Productions

These are the best products we've ever smelt.
offers Essential Oils and Perfumes, Teas, Incense, Potpourri,
Bath & Body goods, Ritual & Fixative materials,
a few carefully chosen books, and an eclectic mix of
other delights and necessities by mail. Click on the logo below:

Face and Body Casting

Ann Lyneah Curtis, Masquerade Life Casting

The Ultimate Portrait

NH Friends and Family

Bobby Senter

Razor Hill Excavation and Snow Plowing in Grafton, NH

Renaissance Costuming & Footwear

Leslie Harris is Noblesse Oblige

The finest in authentic renaissance attire

Bald Mountain Moccasins & Dream Shoes

Custom-made boots and hand-made leather shoes.

Medieval Moccasins
a wonderful casual shoe for 
the Renaissance Faire or anywhere.
Eric, Debra, Olivia and John wear these everywhere!

Catskill Moccasins
hand-made and fitted to YOUR foot, 
quality to last season after season.

Renaissance Moccasins

Experience the pleasure of wearing historical shoes,
Eric, Debra, Olivia and John wear these too!

Fancy Things Fanne Shoppe

Feather fans to match any decor or costume.

Miles Tonne Leather

Maker of fine leather garments, including
the tiny shorts pictured at right. 

Feather wings and tiny leather shorts - Click to see this photo larger

Faire Pair Tights

House of Dra

Renaissance Shirts, Pants, 
Women's Tops, Skirts

Clip Clocks

Costume accessory perfect for historical performers (and those allergic to watch bands).
A hidden clock disguised as a pin or brooch!

Angels of Avalon

Custom made children’s renaissance clothing and costumes for SCA events, faires, special occasions, and holidays!


Pendragon Costumes

Custom leather clothing for men and women

Jewelry, Sculpture & Wearable Art

Sozra Studio
Jewelry and Music,

Earcuffs, Earrings, Pendants Niobium, silver, and 14k gold.

Our friends and neighbors at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

Da'oud Thompson

Celtic Jewelry, Da'oud made Eric and Debra's Oak Leaf
and Acorn motif engagement and wedding bands.

Starlit Skies Jewelry
Handcrafted Sterling Silver, natural stone & quartz crystal jewelry by Cynthia Ann McDonald

John Jacobo Jewelry

John works mostly with
silver and turquoise
he will custom make you a setting for any sort of found object, including stones, claws, teeth, etc.

Carol and David Spurlock
The Brass Dragon
  Featuring intricate dragon sculptures, suncatchers, and unique jewelry.

Lisa Anne Crusoe
Gaia's Gifts

Handmade necklaces, earrings, anklets, and bracelets

Todd Runfeldt
Antler'd Stag Exotic Carving

 Carves everything, from Amber Jewelry to Limestone Garden Sculptures


Dana K. Keller, Ph.D.
The Tao of Statistics: A Path to Understanding (With No Math)
Publication date July 2005 - find out more at

Music & Instruments

Ginger and Rod

Ginger & Rod Baird,
the Bard's Music Shoppe
Hand-made Bamboo Flutes, Saxes,
Kalimba and more.

Maggie Sansone

hammered dulcimer and ensemble.    

John Sosnowsky, Sozra
ethereal and mesmerizing music
that takes years to develop and produce
is getting worldwide airplay and recognition, by our friend and neighbor artisan at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

John is

Karen Savoca and Pete Heitzman
I used to dance to them practically every Monday night
when their larger band was known as "The Mind's Eye"
in Syracuse in the late 80's. 
Their music will make you smile!  - Eric Heath
 Now a duo, usually touring the US (and sometimes Canada),
with many recordings available

Gary Schwartz
Performer: accomplished pianist, harpsichordist as well as proficient on pipe organ.
Education/Instruction: choral director, keyboard and vocal instructor,
interactive educational programs on music of the Renaissance or Civil War.
Composer: symphonies, piano and choral compositions, Requiem mass,
your own "theme," or Bridal Processional, as well as ballads, music for plays, 
commercials and multimedia presentations.

Grace Griffith
Celtic, Traditional Folk, and Contemporary singer with several albums to her credit.

A Capella Singing - Medieval to Modern

Photography & Fine Art
Steven Parke

Airbrush, Digital Photography, Computer Illustration, Album Artwork, One-Man Art Department
Baltimore, Maryland

logo1.gif (6945 bytes)
Portraits, photo illustrations
and photo essays by photographer Cheryl Senter (Debra's sister).

Ruth Thompson
Amazing Fantasy Artwork 

Kathryn Dawson 
Watercolor artist who paints on maps,
sheet music, and more

Liv Hathaway
Fantasy Artwork


Scott Matyjaszek
Artist - Photographer


Steven Paul Carlson
Fantasy Art/Portraits

David Stevens
Horizon Photography
Weddings, Portraits, Artistic Photography
Easton, Maryland

Richard A. & Ann E. Dorbin
Paragon Light Inc
Owners - Digital Imaging Specialists
Easton, Maryland

Easton, Maryland & Eastern Shore Links

Henry Gibbons-Neff
24 N. Harrison St., Easton

The Avalon Theatre
40 East Dover St., Easton

Rabbit Hill Music
New, Pre-Owned & Vintage Instruments, Supplies & CDs

Carroll's Addition Neighborhood
Our small quaint neighborhood in Easton, MD

Academy Art Museum
The corner of South & Harrison Streets

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton
7401 Ocean Gateway (Route 50), Easton

MidShore Mediation Center

 Tidal Fish
Tidal Fish - All Fishing All The Time

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