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Slapstick purchased in Antique Store

March of 2002:  The tag on it read, "Old Fraternity Paddle Stuffed w/horse hair."

Hi, Eric Heath here, I used to be quite involved
with physical comedy and clowning - hence my interest in this item

Other than in sketches and drawings I had only seen one actual slapstick before,
it was a simple but very effective contraption built by a performer
at the Arizona Renaissance Festival.  

Imagine my surprise when I found this beauty in a Delaware Antique Store.
 It was manufactured by Ed. DeMoulin & Bro., Greenville, Ill.
 according to the shield mounted on it, but has no date. 

It split open when I tried it for the first time, the leather was so worn

It has a heavy spring and hinge arrangement which returns it to the open, ready to slap, position.
 It also has an extra weight added to the end of the moving part for efficiency.
The "contact" side is well padded with what appears to be human hair
 and is covered by leather (which is so worn it resembles felt).

A DeMoulin catalogue from 1930 lists this item as a "Spanker complete with 50 blank cartridges" and gives the price as $5, you can see the catalogue at:

If anyone has any more information on this manufacturer or has an interest in slapsticks,
feel free to contact me,

Thanks,  Eric


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