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Dragon Wings' Knight, Dragon, Unicorn, and Fairy marionettes
appear on TLC's While You Were Out
Episode 35:  
Louisiana, Loveland Street

Knight marionette that we sent to While You Were Out on TLC, click to see larger photo

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Photo of Unicorn marionette puppet appearing on the television show While You Were Out

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In November 2002 Debra and Eric were contacted by the folks who make
The Learning Channel's Television Program  While You Were Out.

Designer Stephen St. Onge and team were converting a garage space
into a laundry area and children's playroom
complete with a mural of enchanted forests and castles.
They had looked at our website and thought that our fairytale marionettes
 would make a great set of prizes for one of the quiz portions of the show.

Our Dragon marionette puppet can be seen larger by clicking on the photo

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Fairy Marionette featured on episode 35 of TLC's While You Were Out

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We agreed to a trade of the four marionettes
for promotional considerations in the end text credits.

Unfortunately, the homeowner answered his question incorrectly.
We decided to give the puppets to him anyway when we heard
how much he thought his wife and kids would have enjoyed them.

The show contacted us later, when they found they hadn't spent their entire budget,
and told us they could afford to reimburse us for two of the marionettes!

 Louisiana, Loveland Street
Friday, February 21st, 2003 at 9 p.m. EST

You can see more about the episode
at TLC's official While You Were Out website at:

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