Buy any hat $75 or over and get a fabric face mask of your choice free (including new Fancier Masks)! Put each in cart, then enter discount code: Mask me!

Fabric Face Masks: Standard and Fancier

Our standard fabric face masks have ear loops, nose wire, and are reversible.  They feature a beautiful cotton exterior with a complimentary cotton interior and layer of Pellon stabilizer in between, for $12.
You get to choose the fabric - there will be some variation in the pattern! 

"Fancier" masks are one of a kind. First come first served.
* Special Fabric Outsides: Masks to wear with your Garb and more (not reversible) $18
* Outstanding Layout (reversible) $18       * Fancy Beaded (not reversible) $28
* Custom Masks (not reversible) $28         * Matched Pairs $28
* Layout Failures, Misfit Toys, Orphans (reversible) $18