Feather Hats and Headwear for Renaissance Festivals and more.

Single feather earring ER01 with natural colored feathers and Silver accents
Buy it now single feather earring ER02 with black feathers and gold accents
Single feather earring ER03 with purple and black feathers and silver accents.
Incredible single feather earring ER04 with natural, moss, burnt orange, and jasper feathers and gold accents.
ER05 Pair of feather earrings with black and white feathers, pearls, and silver accents.
Pair of Royal Blue feather earrings with silver accents ER06
Pair of Moss Green ER07 feather earrings with silver accents
ER08 Pair of feather earrings in Army green and pheasant feathers with gold accents.
Detail of ER08 feather earring pair in Army green
Detail of purple feather earring ER09
Buy it now feather earrings ER09 in purple and turquoise feathers with silver accents.
ER10 buy it now pair of feather earrings in pink, white, and turquoise feather with silver accents.
ER11 buy it now earring pair with green, pink, and purple feathers and Silver accents
ER12 White feather earrings with gold accents
ER13 Red and Black feather earrings with Silver accents

Feather Earrings

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Our feather earrings are all one of kind creations with various types of matched feathers carefully placed to cascade out of a silver or bronze cone, as if a fanciful cornucopia!

Flowing along with the feathers you will also find beautifully delicate silver or bronze chains, upon which are placed various arraignments of faceted Swarovski crystal drops, pearls, or semi-precious beads.

The hooks are either sterling silver or surgical steel.

For a size reference the pencil in the photos is 7 1/2 inches tall.