Howard Randall Heath
Born April 7, 1931 - Died May 17, 2001

Photo of Randy Heath taken by son, Eric Heath, May of 2000 while visiting family in Houston Husband to Lorraine Darling Heath,

Father to Lori Heath Sundberg,

Father to Eric Randall Heath,

Stepfather to Michael S. Kelley,

Foster Father to Lynn Clark-Jones,

Brother to John Heath (deceased)


Hester Legg Heath was Randy's Mother

John F. Heath was Randy's Father

Randy  was originally from Windfall, Indiana.  He served in the Marine Corps (and was wounded) in Korea in the 50's and afterward attended Purdue University where he got a degree in engineering.  He worked for a number of years for Firestone Rubber Co. before relocating the family to New Hampshire in 1969.  Using his expertise with time-study engineering, he served as a "fixer" for a number of ailing factories in NH, Mass, and Indiana before deciding to open his own manufacturing business, Baggo.  

For over 25 years he could be found 6 days a weeks (many times 7) in his basement workspaces in the old Mill Building at 55 Lake Street in Nashua, New Hampshire.
Baggo (
Randy and a small team of dedicated employees
produced soft-sided luggage, backpacks, briefcases and more.  He also operated a silk-screening business and did luggage repair on the premises.

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