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Feather Fans and Dance Fans

A burgundy feather fan with beautiful array of feathers, charm, and peacock eye.

Turkey Quill
Feather Fans

really move the air!


Our feather fans have
a turned wood handle
and strap for hanging.

They  also have mirrors
hidden on the
side facing you.


Inside view of purple feather fan, mirror and bow at the base

Above: Inside View of Purple Feather Fan with mirror


Turkey Quill Fans are approximately
16 inches tall and 10 inches wide.


Visit one of our
 Renaissance Festival booths
 to see a good selection,
 or order a fan
custom made
just for you.


Custom order a feather fan
 to match your costuming!


Custom Bridal Fans

Quill bridal fan
 with ostrich plume,
large rose medallion  and Swarovski crystals
approx. 18" tall by 12" wide


Bridal feather fan details includes a hidden mirror on the inside

Above, backside view
of fan pictured to the right

Detail photo of rose medallion ornamenting bride's feather fan.

White bridal fan of turkey quills and ostrich plume ornamented with a gold rose medallion and ornamented with Swarovski crystals

Larger Fans and Dance Fans

Feather Dance Fans for the Ballet or Broadway/Vegas style productions

Debra also makes larger fans
with ostrich plumes.

The Dance Fan pictured at left is approximately 22 inches high and 18 inches wide.

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for more details

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