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Basic Website Development Hints and Tips
by Eric Heath, webmaster of

Each web page in your site should have a unique title. You should also make sure that Keywords and a Description are a part of the code on each page.

In the html code at the top of every web page you will find the Header enclosed by the tags <head></head>

The title should be relatively short, it will be displayed at the top of the browser window and in people's bookmarks, so the first few words are of primary importance.  The description can be more detailed.  Proper Keywords are essential for improving your search engine ranking.  For best results, use two or three word combinations that actually appear on the page, then add variations of those word combinations.  The keyword combinations are separated by a comma, see example below. 

<title>Basic Website Building Tips and Hints: A few simple things you can do to improve your site and its position in search engines</title>
<meta name="description" content="Free information about website development from Eric Heath, webmaster of Dragon Wings">
<meta name="keywords" content="website development hints, website development tips, basic website building, improve search engine position, html keyword tag, html description tag, image alternate text">

The example above is a portion of the actual html code from the top of this web page.

Images: adding alternate text

Alternate descriptions can help get your photos included by the search engines.  Below is an example of the code from one of my pages.

<p align="center">
<img border=0 src="images/FeatherBarrette.jpg" align="middle" alt="Photograph of large feather barrette in green and black with purple leather leaves" width="203" height="324">

A while back I was contacted by a blind woman who was shopping online for angel wings.
She congratulated me on my site's ease of accessibility by the visually handicapped.
Due to my inclusion of alternate text tags, her computer could read to her the descriptions of each photo.

Concepts that I will be exploring here in the future include:

The importance of linking to other sites and of having content of informational/educational  value.
 Crucial to see how your website looks on other computers and in different web browsers.
Get other websites to link to yours.  Hand out your business card and ask people to link to you!
Have friends and family view/test your website and learn from their observations, ask them for keyword combinations..


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