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For Collectors of the Artwork 
of Debra Hathaway and Eric Heath
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From 1987 to present Debra has reinvented her art and methods dozens of times.  With growing confidence she continually designs new things 
and periodically ceases production of others.

We hope to build a timeline on these pages, 
exhibiting some of Dragon Wings early items
 and showing the evolution of Debra and Eric's doll and marionette making 

Pictured below are some earlier versions of our creatures:
 Dragon marionette circa 1996 or 1997 sculpted and painted by Debra Hathaway

Gold toned Dragon Marionette circa 1996 or 1997


Porcelain Puss in Boots made by Debra Hathaway in 1989

Debra's first porcelain doll

Debra's first ever Puss in Boots Doll
circa 1989 when she was working in porcelain.

Debra's first wee person (above)
 was only 6 inches tall, while
the cat figures were about 12" tall 

Little Cow Person Photo of a Satyress made by doll artist Debra Hathaway
This little cow figurine was still being made in the early nineties and was retired by 1994.  

The Satyr(ess) pictured at right ceased production around 1995.  Notice the precisely notched joints and brass rods - this was time consuming and we soon switched to a much better method of joint making

A little Walrus guy

A walrus from over a decade ago

The detail above is from our first catalogue, dated June of 1996, with hand-drawn pictures by Debra and Eric


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