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Dragon Wings Dolls, Marionette Puppets, and Puppeteering

In addition to her costume accessory business, Debra Hathaway began making dolls and marionette puppets in the early 1990's for sale in her four Renaissance Festival Shoppes.  Marionette production increased when Eric Heath joined the team (first as boyfriend, then husband in 1997) and the two began writing and producing their own Marionette performances at Libraries and Schools in Maryland and D.C.

For over 20 years Eric, Debra, and their minions demonstrated marionette stringing at a podium in front of the Dragon Wings booth, surrounded by a menagerie of completed puppets, including: Puss in Boots, dragons, unicorns, knights, fairies and more. During peak production this team created over 1,000 puppets in a single year and some of their loyal customers' collections include most of the 35 different creatures.

Sadly, Eric and Debra have had to significantly decrease production of marionettes in recent years.  

They will continue to provide repair and restringing services for Dragon Wings marionettes, please contact the artists to inquire.



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  • DIanna

    I bought one of your dragon marionettes at the MD Renn Fest about 10 years ago. It is one of my prize possessions. Unfortunately he became inconsolably tangled. Could you restring him?

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