Handmade Hats, Feather Headwear, and Costume Accessories for Renaissance Festivals and more.

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Renaissance Festival Shoppes

For over 30 seasons Dragon Wings costume accessories and feather finery have been available at seasonal Renaissance Festival shoppes.  The information below will give you an overview of the Ren Fests where we are vendors.   ________________________ Imagine a small 16th century village in England where the King has come to visit and all the folk for miles around have turned out to celebrate.  It's like a medieval State Fair with jousting, dancing, stage comedy, Shakespeare, axe throwing, musicians, artists, and more.  Ren Fests are also a tremendous place to shop for unique arts and custom clothing.  These juried art shows feature some of the most talented craftspeople we've encountered! Most Renaissance Festivals operate on weekends only, and many are multi-weekend events....

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Working from Home Report: Upgrades to my portable Photography Studio & Website, and Hats Worn Therein

April 3, 2020 - WFH (working from home) day # 8,489. My wife and I each wear many hats in the operation our small business!  Today I'm studio photographer and website wizard, therefore my hat of choice this morning was a silver Alewife hat.   Having been a clown in a past life, unusual hat wearing is not new to me and I keep a small collection handy for when my head gets cold. The other day my wife and I took a long walk through our small town and I got a lot of strange looks, I had forgotten that I was wearing my green Alewives hat from the Ren Fest. My current task is to photograph and put on...

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About the Artists: Debra Hathaway and Eric Heath, the Heathaways of Dragon Wings LLC

Debra and Eric have enjoyed operating their costume accessories business in Renaissance shops across the country together for over 25 years. They feel that the joy of creating along with it challenges are what makes each day an adventure, loving what they do, and it shows! Debra Hathaway started Dragon Wings in 1987 making jewelry inspired by Asian culture and involving fans, chopsticks, tapestry and tassels. Her unique designs were marketed through boutiques and upscale department stores across the nation (including Nordstrom and Macy’s). While working with porcelain jewelry, Debra was enticed to sculpt her own line of dolls and eventually began building marionette puppets as well. Upon being juried-in to several Renaissance Festivals (one of the few Renaissance Festival...

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Our Feather Angel Wings business has moved to its own website: Angel Wing Makers

If you are looking for our custom made feather Angel Wings, they are now available on our AngelWingMakers.com website. We have moved all of the standard wings you saw at this website, including Archangel Wings and both upswept and downswept versions of our Huge, Large and Standard wings  You can also see some new costume wing designs that were never posted on our old website, including Gabriel Wings, Seraphim wings, Outstretched Articulating wings, wings for wall display and Dancer's Wing sleeves.

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Custom Ordering: Let us know what you desire!

Please note that many of the handmade items you see in photos on our website have already been sold. We would be happy to build something similar for you and can usually ship within 2 to 3 weeks. Add custom details in the shopping cart  When you add an item to our Cart, a window slides out from the right where you will find a place to add "Special Notes to Seller".  Here you may describe your desires, please check the item's description for what options are available.     Have Questions? Want to open a dialogue with the Artists before purchasing? Click on the "Contact" link and give a description of the item, colors, and materials desired.  If you include your...

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