Handmade Hats, Feather Headwear, and Costume Accessories for Renaissance Festivals and more.

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About the Artists: Debra Hathaway and Eric Heath, the Heathaways of Dragon Wings LLC

Debra and Eric have enjoyed operating their costume accessories business in Renaissance shops across the country together for over 25 years. They feel that the joy of creating along with it challenges are what makes each day an adventure, loving what they do, and it shows! Debra Hathaway started Dragon Wings in 1987 making jewelry inspired by Asian culture and involving fans, chopsticks, tapestry and tassels. Her unique designs were marketed through boutiques and upscale department stores across the nation (including Nordstrom and Macy’s). While working with porcelain jewelry, Debra was enticed to sculpt her own line of dolls and eventually began building marionette puppets as well. Upon being juried-in to several Renaissance Festivals (one of the few Renaissance Festival...

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