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TriCorn Grande

TriCorn Grande

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This classy hat is lightweight and comfortable to wear.  The Tricorn hat, also known as the “Cocked hat", was often worn by European sailors.  It came in especially handy during bad weather, because it efficiently directed rainwater away from the face.  The turned-up parts acted as gutters coursing the rain to spill off to the sides. 

As with all of our structured hats, the hat block is designed and made by us. For the hat base, we use a modern felt material that is water resistant which we heat-form to shape. The felt keeps its shape once cool, and is then covered with high quality velvet.  The brim is embellished with trims and/or venetian lace. Each hat comes with a matching large Ostrich plume pin.

Available in most colors, please let us know your preference.

The sizes are: Small (21" diameter head), Medium (22"),  Large (23") and extra large (24")

(XXL. by special order)

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For the TriCorn Grande Hat you may choose:

Fabric colors for Hat, Brim, and Band
Plume and Feather colors
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